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Well, af­ter read­ing Mr. Abrams’ opin­ion piece, “Amer­i­can dream is alive and well,” I’m re­lieved. I guess my con­cern over the in­creas­ing wealth in­equal­ity in our coun­try was un­founded.

Samuel J. Abrams of the Amer­i­can En­ter­prise In­sti­tute has done a deep sur­vey that finds that the Amer­i­can Dream is not re­ally about so­cial mo­bil­ity or in­creased fi­nan­cial well be­ing af­ter all. It turns out that it is re­ally more about be­ing free to live as we wish.

Abrams re­ports that 90 per­cent of those earn­ing over $100,000 have a pos­i­tive out­look on this new Amer­i­can dream. Even 72 per­cent of those earn­ing un­der $35,000 had a pos­i­tive out­look. No spe­cific men­tion was made of the feel­ings of the 4 per­cent of work­ers who earn min­i­mum wage or less, but what the heck, it’s only three mil­lion work­ers.

Strangely, no men­tion was made of racial ten­sion, sub­stance abuse, men­tal ill­ness, or gun vi­o­lence — all of which I had naively taken to be signs of so­cial un­rest. I guess it will be pos­si­ble for the top 1 per­cent of earn­ers (who ev­i­dently still care about the pursuit of wealth) to safely con­tinue their avari­cious be­hav­ior with­out fear of a re­volt from those on the short end of the stick. – Bruce T. Be­vans, Atas­cadero

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