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Dear Abby: I ama new mother to a per­fect baby boy. Ev­ery­where I go, peo­ple ask, “You are breast­feed­ing, right?” Why should it matter to strangers whether or not I’m breast­feed­ing my baby? It has no ef­fect on them what­so­ever. It’s a per­sonal de­ci­sion. What’s worse is when I have for­mula in my shop­ping cart and some­one stops to lec­ture me about breast­feed­ing.

Peo­ple need to stop sham­ing moth­ers for us­ing for­mula and quit ask­ing ques­tions that are none of their busi­ness. It’s a per­sonal choice and not up for dis­cus­sion.— Mind Your Own Busi­ness

Dear MYOB: As wellmean­ing as these in­di­vid­u­als may be, I agree it is none of their beeswax how you nour­ish your baby. Why not give them tit for tat? Tell them you plan to raise your baby with­out their in­put and you don’t ap­pre­ci­ate their com­ments. Then walk on and con­tinue your shop­ping.

Dear Abby: As I write this, I am shak­ing with frus­tra­tion. My dear dad died a week ago. I put an obit­u­ary in the pa­per and on­line that re­quested in lieu of flow­ers to please do­nate to two spe­cific non­con­tro­ver­sial char­i­ties.

I’m sit­ting here sur­rounded by NINE plants and bou­quets of flow­ers! I’m so up­set each time an­other one is de­liv­ered. My house looks like a fu­neral par­lor. I don’t have the time to take them to a hospi­tal, so I’m toss­ing them. I would like to help cure the can­cer that claimed my dad.

Please re­mind peo­ple to re­spect the wishes of the fam­ily.— Griev­ing Daugh­ter in Wis­con­sin

Dear Daugh­ter: Please ac­cept my sym­pa­thy for the loss of your fa­ther. Your de­sire to con­trib­ute to can­cer re­search is un­der­stand­able con­sid­er­ing the cir­cum­stances. It’s pos­si­ble that friends and ac­quain­tances who saw his obit­u­ary didn’t read care­fully through it and sent the of­fer­ings on im­pulse. Or per­haps they did both. But your com­ments have merit, which is why I’m print­ing them.

Dear Abby: Why is love such a hard thing to find? I ama boy who of­ten feels alone. I have never ex­pe­ri­enced true love, even though I of­ten meet girls I’d like to be with. What holds me back is the fear of talk­ing to them.

My fear puts me in de­spair, and I feel lonely. What would you sug­gest to over­come these feel­ings so I can find hap­pi­ness? — Out­sider in Hawaii

Dear Out­sider: True love is usu­ally built on friend­ship. Friend­ships are gen­er­ally based on com­mon in­ter­ests. What are the things you are in­ter­ested in?

You call your­self a “boy,” so I as­sume you are still in school. Con­sider join­ing clubs and ac­tiv­i­ties that are of­fered there, such as sports, drama or mu­sic. Churches spon­sor ac­tiv­i­ties for youth, as well. Sign up for them and you will in­crease your chances of mak­ing friends.

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