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Virus overreacti­on


To the Editor:

It’s obvious we need to take this virus seriously and I certainly am taking all prudent precaution­s like wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing and much more. But it’s also obvious this near complete business shutdown is causing much more then just a little personal inconvenie­nce along with all the economic damage.

When figuring the cost/benefit of the shutdown I think we also need to take into account the many personal tragedies that it brings with it. The longer the present situation goes on there will be an ever increasing rate of suicides, alcoholism, depression, domestic violence and many more effects no one wants to see. As an example according to the CDC there has been an 800 percent increase in the calls to the “Suicide Crisis Hotline”.

In the end, like many people, this current situation will cost me nothing. My SSI checks will keep coming and my investment­s will certainly come back better then ever. If you are one of the lucky ones and have a secure income and situation it’s easy to say “Stay home, watch Netflix, be happy”.

But unfortunat­ely this is not the case for many people who will lose everything they have worked their entire life to build, jobs, businesses, homes, savings, families even their sanity. Many of them see no way out and no future. I believe these people deserve more of our considerat­ion.

—Kevin Smith, Ukiah

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