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Now is the time to build the Scotts Creek dam


To the Editor:

Listen up…the time is now! I've been preaching for over 20 years about building the Scotts Creek dam. It is ready to go, all we have to do is purchase the property and build the dam. All the engineerin­g has been done for years by the federal government. For years every time we get rain Scotts Valley is flooded and we ignore everything. All our water that comes this year goes right out to the ocean and all the big talk in the last six months has been about monitoring your wells. So now it is time for us to pay attention.

Since they changed the districts around, Mike Thompson is Lake County's man in Congress. He has been around a long time, he is a doer in every way shape and form. Now that he continues to represent Lake County, I believe he can get Scotts Creek dam built. If it was built now, Scotts Valley would not have been flooded for the past two weeks. This summer wouldn't it be nice if the water was running out of the dam down Scotts Creek, over to the slough on Hwy 20 and right down Middle Creek, charging all the wells on the way? Trickling out of Clear Lake we would have clean water in Clear Lake and fresh water running in Clear Lake year round. Everyone would think that would be the smartest thing around.

Smart thinking on Lake County's part that would benefit all the counties up and down the line and the people in these counties. The ocean already has enough water and this would be a valuable thing. That would be the smartest thing we'd done in the last 20 years. I believe Mike Thompson can get it done.

The last time I can remember it raining for 30 days straight was in 1958, it rained 30 days straight, day and night and Clear Lake was flooded, all of lake shore was flooded, but most of the powers that be seem to not learn too much over time.

I want to thank Mike Thompson because I believe in the end, we will have a Scotts Creek dam.

— Ron Rose, Lakeport

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