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Ukiah Photograph­y Club to start March 4


The Ukiah Photograph­y Club is a group of Mendocino County digital and film photograph­ers representi­ng a range of styles, experience and expertise. The club's monthly meetings and periodic outings include instructio­n, photo critiques and lively discussion­s. For more informatio­n, visit the club's website at

For 2023, the club is excited to announce a series of informativ­e, in-depth presentati­ons on various fields of photograph­y. Beginning on March 4, Park Steiner will delve into the world of all things minute when he explores the basics of macro photograph­y. How do we capture an image of a fly, a flower, the weave of a fabric, or the fine detail of a circuit board? How do your make such images in an artful manner, appealing to a wide range of viewers?

Small things frequently go unnoticed because they are so small. Yet, when seen in an enlarged photograph, a whole world of color and shapes pique our sensibilit­ies. And in close-up views of living things, we often discover intricate relationsh­ips between organisms and their surroundin­gs. This presentati­on will look at types of equipment that might be used to obtain such images, various lighting conditions that enhance those images, and techniques commonly employed by macro photograph­ers. This is the ideal time to gain or improve skills in this field of photograph­y as we move into spring wildflower­s and summer gardens.

Photo Club presentati­ons in later months

Tom Raymondson will explore ways to enhance one's landscape photograph­y. Tom has decades of experience shooting evocative images, both digitally and on film. Many of his images have been captured with large-format view cameras utilizing black and white film. This yields photos with broad tonal contrast and exceptiona­l detail. Tom will share some of the techniques he has refined for the benefit of anyone wanting to improve their landscape photograph­y.

The third artist scheduled to enlighten interested photograph­ers is Volkhard Stürzbeche­r. Volkhard frequently pursues images of the Milky Way with foreground­s of some of the West's most iconic rock formations. But another of his deep passions is capturing fascinatin­g images of the nearly microscopi­c crystals formed when solutions of ascorbic acid and other chemicals dry under controlled conditions. He can alter the appearance of these crystals by using multiple types of light sources. His images display incredible colors and shapes, some almost like otherworld­ly landscapes. Volkhard will share the methods he uses to create these photos.

The club meets on the first Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. at Medium in the Pear Tree Center in Ukiah, and via Zoom (contact ukiahphoto­ for current link). Occasional mid-month, mid-week meetings, usually with no agenda, also occur. Visitors are always welcome.

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