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49ers get high marks for facilities, player treatment in survey

- By Jerry Mcdonald

Highly-paid newcomers from Trent Williams in 2020 to Christian Mccaffrey last season have extolled the virtues of the 49ers as being a first-class operation.

Based on a survey conducted by the National Football League Players Associatio­n, 49ers players feel that way anonymousl­y as well.

The NFLPA surveyed 1,300 players, who were asked a series of questions about the team they play for regarding club facilities and other work-related categories. The 49ers ranked seventh overall out of 32 teams.

The teams ranked above the 49ers in order were Minnesota, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas and Green Bay.

The idea was to make informatio­n available for prospectiv­e free agents as well as “raise standards” throughout the league, according to union president J.C. Tretter.

The 49ers' grades were as follows in eight categories:

Treatment of families: B+

Food service/nutrition: Aweight room: Astrength coaches: A Training room: C+ Training staff: Alocker room: B+ Team travel: Aregarding the training room, it appears the 49ers either need more room or are getting too many players injured because apparently it's too crowded.

“A significan­t number of players feel it's small and needs more tables,” according to the comment in the survey.

It also stated the 49ers lacked enough hot tubs and cold tubs for rehab purposes.

The overview stated “Jed York ranked 7th among team owners for his willingnes­s to invest money into upgrading their facilities, so there is a belief that investment will be made to ensure these areas are upgraded to meet the high standards set by the rest of the facilities.”

Some highlights from the survey with comments from the overview which is included with each team:

• Kansas City, the Super Bowl champion, was ranked 29th.

Overview: In general, the results show that the facility feels outdated and players would like to see upgrades across the board.

• Minnesota received an A+, A or A- in all eight categories in finishing No. 1.

Overview: One hundred percent of the players feel like owner Zygi Wilf is willing to spend money to upgrade the facilities, and that assessment makes sense since the Vikings have gone through three significan­t upgrades in recent years.

• The upgrades Raiders owner Mark Davis has made in relocating to Las Vegas have been noticed by players — even those on other teams — in coming in at No. 3.

Overview: We heard from multiple players on other teams the request to “make the facilities more like Vegas.” The workplace is mostly state-of-the-art, and 90% of players believe that club owner Mark Davis is willing to spend money to upgrade the operations if needed.

• The Washington Commanders, who may or may not be up for sale by owner Daniel Snyder, have some work to do. They finished dead last at No 32 and had a failing grade in five of eight categories including F- grades in the training room, locker room and team travel.

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