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What have Republican­s done for you lately?


To the Editor:

Can you imagine trying to make your monthly bills — rent, utilities, food, credit cards, etc... on a salary of $7.25 an hour? That is the federal hourly minimum wage.

But thanks to Democrats and organized labor, aka unions, all California­ns now enjoy a minimum wage twice that of the federal law. Fifteen dollars an hour is still not enough, but it is finally a decent entry level wage. Let's not overlook other laws, such as the prevailing wage law. They protect skilled trade workers from being exploited by unscrupulo­us employers and “right to work” (for less) groups.

And what about affordable health care insurance? Before the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, your premiums, your coverage, your family well being were all controlled by your employer and/or insurance company.

Now, thanks to Democrats, there are plans to fit your family needs. Premiums determined by your income and plan coverage is chosen by you to fit your needs. Best of all, your coverage can no longer be canceled because of preexistin­g conditions, job change or loss, or retirement.

Fair wages, health care benefits, paid overtime, sick/family leave, paid time off vacations, OSHA job safety oversight, weekends, and so much more that we all just take for granted.

But Democrats and labor are not done, just this week they teamed up to get us better rural broadband, bridges, water, roads, airports, ports, etc. by passing the $1.2 trillion Biden infrastruc­ture bill.

Next comes the Build Back Better bill which is for your family needs — climate change, tax cuts for families, pre-school, affordable care, tax fairness, etc...

Bottom line — Our congressma­n never votes to protect your best interests. He votes to abolish all our gains. He votes to protect domestic terrorists and white nationalis­t insurrecti­ons.

We must vote him out. Domenic Torchia


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