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Remember when?


To the Editor:

Remember: When the liberals preached about health care being a right and not a privilege? When medical profession­als, first responders, and police were held in the highest regard to the point of heroism? After battling the pandemic front lines without regard for their own safety, our “heroes” are being demonized and forced to quit because they are not vaccinated. Now, due to political pressure people are not being allowed to seek their right to health care and lifesaving procedures. One example of this insanity involves a kidney transplant patient and donor, who both had COVID, not being allowed to complete the lifesaving surgery because they are not vaccinated. However, that same hospital will allow her to continue dialysis unvaccinat­ed. Obamacare, as inefficien­t as it is, ensured all citizens the right to health care. Now, Biden supports health care for only the privileged. They are the ones who don't disagree with him or question his unfounded “applicatio­n of science” to dictate how we live. What happened? Biden's comrades and financiers from China unleashed COVID into the world. Yet not one country has retaliated against these communist bastards for the millions they murdered.

Remember when the USA was energy independen­t and decreasing our carbon emissions at a greater rate than China and Russia combined? They were not the only ones missing from the climate change conference­s. Biden slept through them. How much smaller would his carbon footprint have been if he just stayed home. The climate is constantly changing. Has anyone heard of the four seasons? Has any climate change fanatic bothered to take an honest comprehens­ive scientific look into the environmen­tal damage these unreliable “renewable” energy resources are causing? China Joe knows without oil and China, the renewable energy parts cannot be manufactur­ed and he is not saying anything. Why? C'mon, man!

Thomas Neiderer


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