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America's veterans have always been anti-fascism


To the Editor:

At the Murphys Cemetery, American flags are placed at each veteran's grave on Memorial Day and removed after Veteran's Day. As a part-time pinch hitter for the caretaker, I occasional­ly assist with the placement and removal of all those hundreds of flags as I did this past weekend. All of those veterans were patriotic soldiers who fought fascist authoritar­ian tyrants in defense of the values of democracy.

Fascism and authoritar­ianism define leaders like Hitler and Mussolini. They rise to power by denying their opposition opportunit­ies to speak in a free manner in public and in the press, by sowing hate, confusion and dissatisfa­ction and underminin­g democratic processes. It is now clear to most Americans that one of the two major political parties in our own country has abandoned belief in democracy. Must we recap?

Democracy in America insists that all are equal, that liberty and justice is for all and that every qualified voter find it easy to register, vote and have their vote fairly counted. If you still selfidenti­fy as a Republican, knowing in your heart that your party is actively working to suppress voters who are less likely to vote for their candidates, knowing that your party's politician­s no longer come to Washington prepared to negotiate and compromise in good-faith understand­ing that compromise­s must be at least a little more strongly influenced by the majority, then you cannot define yourself as a supporter of American democracy.

You may have the right in America to vote in a fair election for a candidate advocating authoritar­ian rule, but you have no right to support cheating to install authoritar­ian rule in America. Good Americans (and we are a strong majority) will unite and we won't just say no… It will be hell no!

Bob Wetzel


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