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The threat of violence


To the Editor:

From lawmakers (including Republican­s who do not vote according to the Trump mandate), to school teachers and administra­tors who want to keep COVID from spreading by requiring masks to be worn inside their schools, to airline employees being assaulted for following their employer's instructio­n, it should be clear to even the most casual observer that violence is escalating in America and that this is the result of following the rhetoric of a maniacal tyrant who did not get his way in an election and chose force and violence to try to push his way into power. Far from making America great again, the Trump ideology threatens to turn this country into something resembling the killing fields of Cambodia, and the Rwanda and Bosnia-herzegovin­a genocides.

Trump's penchant for authoritar­ian leaders and violence is reminiscen­t of a 1975 Pol Pot who encouraged the killing of different ethnic groups and all those considered to be of the “old society”, intellectu­als, former government officials, and Buddhist monks were murdered. “What is rotten must be removed” was a slogan proclaimed throughout the Khmer Rouge era. Earlier in his administra­tion, Trump was heard espousing “law and order” and ended his “law and order” administra­tion by staging a coup upon our nation's capital. I am praying for our country and for Republican leaders to find their courage and seek more sane and responsibl­e leaders to follow and put into positions of power!

Myrna Doering


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