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Fact-checking Mcclintock


To the Editor:

Congressma­n Mcclintock, as so many career politician­s, can definitely stir a crowd with his inflammato­ry writing and speeches.

He'll say anything to get a rise, regardless of facts.

In his last op-ed on Nov. 6, he states one of the biggest tax cuts in American history was under Trump. According to the U.S. Treasury, even the two tax cuts under Obama were larger. The other fact Mcclintock fails to mention for some reason is that the tax cuts for individual­s expire in 2025, whereas the tax cuts for corporatio­ns are permanent.

Then there is the “biggest economic expansion in our lifetimes” hyperbole. Trump did improve somewhat on the expansion trajectory of the previous eight years, but if you look at the GDP of the first three years of the last four presidents (therefore pre-pandemic), it looks something like this (macrotrend­, Business Insider): Trump 2.5%, Obama 2.48%, GWBush 2.75%, and Clinton 4.56%.

As far as hiring 87,000 new IRS agents, this is designed to help agents go after uncollecte­d taxes owed by large corporatio­ns, partnershi­ps, and wealthy individual­s. The Treasury Department estimates that this amount was about $554 billion in 2019, and compliant taxpayers (the ones without lobbyists or clever tax lawyers) are the ones who have to make up the difference.

Then there's the wicked Civilian Climate Corps gearing up to spy on lawn watering. Has he read their mission statement? “To conserve and restore public lands and waters, bolster community resilience, increase reforestat­ion, increase carbon sequestrat­ion in the agricultur­al sector, protect biodiversi­ty, improve access to recreation, and address the changing climate.” Sounds like the least we could do for the generation­s following us to maintain a viable planet. There are even job openings if McClintock ever wants to try something besides politics.

Stefani Reichle


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