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Marriages recorded Nov. 3-12 (wedding date given):

Oct. 16 — Keean Sutherlin Joye and Amanda Lynn Buxa

Oct. 23 — Aaron Kenneth Norstrom and Haley Jean Cook

Oct. 31 — Gary Edward Neubert and Clare Lynne Bazley

Oct. 31 — Corry Ray Swanson and Penny Lynn Bledsoe

Nov. 2 — Brian Eric Chung and Heather Anina Davis

Nov. 5 — Matthew Garrett Thomas and Alexandra Patricia King

Nov. 6 — Gregory C. W. Hillman and Sheaniece Lynne Livingston

Nov. 6 — Nicholas Ryan Looper and Anastasia Renee Douglas

Nov. 6 — Codi James Mantzouran­is and Ashley Megan Lloyd-jones

Nov. 12 — Kassondra Kaye Unadell Bigger and Jose Antonio Trevino

Nov. 12 — Justin Mathew Nielsen and Lindsey Joy Kavanaugh

Births recorded Nov. 3-12 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

3— A boy, Louie Amillio Gonzales, to Amillio Amado Gonzales and Natalie Frias

3— A boy, Benjamin Liam Henninger, to Jeffrey Alex Henninger and Tamatha Lee Poalucci

3— A girl, Cassandra Marylynn Maness, to Johnny William Maness and Paige Elizabeth Griggith

3— A girl, Calin Mae Mittry, to Scott Willis Mittry and Hailey Kay Weimer

4— A girl, Jacqueline Ivania Hawley, to Joel Eston Hawley and Daelynn Doseff

4— A girl, Alexis Sierra Plummer, to John Rhinehart Plummer and Alena Christine Allen

5— A boy, Noah David Hughes, to Matthew Robert Hughes and Drucilla Lorenzo

5— A girl, Jade Christy Power, to Jason Todd Power and Michelle Teresa Mecredy

5— A boy, Riot Joseph Rasmussen, to Joseph Gregory James Rasmussen and Darian Denise Skellenger

6— A boy, Woods Dale Grassmyer, to Dunn Patrick Grassmyer and Allison Kay Jones

Deaths recorded Nov. 3-12:

3— John Perry Eyer

3— William Lewis “Bill” Hamilton Jr.

3— Judith Dale Wilder

4— Marion Virginia Martin 5— Patricia Ann Buster

5— Howard James Sutherlin


6— Mary Ellen Anderson 6— John Franklin Winston 7— Joanne Lee Caropresso 7— Carl Leon Nunes

8— Doris Catherine Egger 8— John C. Gonzales

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