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`Suck on this'


To the Editor:

Steve Bannon, Trump counselor and GOP strategist, is a slob who looks as if he woke up with a hangover.

I don't like the politics of Trump critic Rep. Liz Cheney (R-wyo.), but her courage and integrity are intact; they're solid.

Bannon has doubled down on conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, predicting a “constituti­onal crisis” as he was indicted last Friday for refusing to comply with a congressio­nal subpoena (Newsweek, November).

He predicted pro-trump Republican­s would take over the country.

“We're taking action and that action is we're taking over schools boards, we're taking over the Republican Party, through the precinct committee strategy. We're taking over all the elections” (Newsweek, November).

“Suck on this!” he added. His insufferab­le prediction­s are largely becoming reality. It's reinforced by internet trolls and right-wing media propaganda.

Cheney, who has one of the most conservati­ve voting records, has repeatedly taken friendly fire over the past year for criticizin­g Trump over his role in the Jan.6 Capitol riot. The Wyoming Republican central committee voted 3129 to no longer recognize her as one of their own.

This dovetails with ABC White House correspond­ent Jonathan Karl's book released this week, “Betrayal.” In a taped interview, Karl said Trump is “gleefully vengeful” in taking down everyone he thinks is disloyal to him.

Trump rehired former aide John Mcentee, 30, as administra­tion director of presidenti­al personnel in December 2018, though he had no experience in this field. Earlier that year, Mcentee was fired over a financial crime investigat­ion.

Mcentee's job was to hire staffers to weed out anyone who was not sufficient­ly loyal to Trump. Trump was incensed Attorney General Bill Barr said there was no election fraud, though he didn't replace him. Barr said, “Your legal team is a clown show.”

Robert Dorroh


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