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Biden's 10 worst moves


To the Editor:

Of all the destructiv­e policies and actions of President Biden, and there are many, here are the top 10:

The horrific and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanista­n. We betrayed our Allies, embarrasse­d America on the world stage and created a state dedicated to destroying western culture.

The war against domestic energy production. We are no longer energy independen­t and we are begging Russia and OPEC to produce more oil. How does that help the world's climate?

The American taxpayers are being asked to support thousands of illegal immigrants. Drug cartels and human smugglers are getting rich and some very bad people are entering our country. Fentanyl is killing our children. All while we have homeless and poor U.S. citizens who are being ignored.

Promoting massive government spending programs, which has led to massive inflation and for which no amount of taxing the rich will pay for.

Ignoring China's role in the possible Wuhan lab leak of COVID-19, which has killed thousands of Americans.

Blaming inflation and supply chain problems on us, the citizens, for buying stuff with the stimulus checks he sent to us.

Confusing and overreachi­ng federal vaccine and mask mandates. The states, communitie­s, and individual­s should evaluate health policies based upon the local situations.

Directing the justice department to target parents who speak out at school board meetings.

Appointing the dumbest and most inexperien­ced political hacks ever to his cabinet.

Failure to admonish China for its aggression against Taiwan, Russia for its aggression against Ukraine, and Iran for its terrorism throughout the Middle East.

We don't know who is calling the shots at the White house, but it is no wonder Biden's approval ratings are so low.

Jim Costello


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