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Stolen elections?


To the Editor:

The conspiracy theorists are still claiming that the election results are false, stolen or whatever narrative they're peddling again. It's a big lie. The U.S. has the most secure elections anywhere.

I've been a volunteer poll worker and election worker at the elections office for the last 20 elections. There's no voter fraud at the polls or in the mail. All of the states were holding elections for 100 years, some for 200 years, before anybody had a photo ID. Somehow, they got it done. They have the system pretty well worked out.

The entire electorate of the United States is divided into precincts. At the polls, the clerk at the front table has a list of everyone registered to vote in that precinct. They know the names and addresses of everyone who votes there. You can't drive up with a bunch of aliens, or persons who aren't on her list and vote. Any person trying to do that has to know the name and address of anyone they're trying to impersonat­e. A poll clerk wouldn't miss someone who didn't belong.

Most of the big lie is about mailin voting. I've spent many hours checking signatures, opening envelopes, counting ballots, and examining ballots for write-in votes, damage, dog tracks, peanut butter and jelly, or anything else that could possibly be a problem for the vote-counting machines. Who do you think could forge your signature? A voter in Minnesota got caught trying to vote his dead mother's ballot that probably came in his mail. He wasn't a good forger.

Any so-called political leaders who claim a stolen election are telling a big lie. They're leading this country down the path to civil war to serve their own petty personal political ambitions. Don't believe it. The whole damned lot of them should be impeached.

Will Moore Valley Springs

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