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To the Editor:

I was taught to stand on my own two feet. I worked hard — in school, and after school — every day. Was my success entirely based on me? No. Not if I'm honest. My community emphasized education and hard work. I was blessed to attend a great high school that sent 95% to four-year colleges, including three to MIT.

Everyone's success starts with opportunit­ies made possible by their community — their local community and the U.S., as a whole. When 80% of Americans are struggling — can't afford a home, decent health care, and other basics — our country is not strong. If wealth and income stay concentrat­ed in the top 5%, our economy will falter. We'll all be poorer. Good opportunit­ies will be scarce.

Many Americans believe they can isolate themselves in the suburbs. They're wrong. When most Americans have no money to spend, many high-paid design, sales, and marketing jobs will go away. Japan and China hire high-paid Americans to sell goods to Americans. When Americans become poorer, they won't bother.

Personally, I resent the blame game. What happened long ago isn't my fault. I didn't kidnap Blacks in Africa, own slaves, or keep Blacks down for 150 years. The Irish, Italians, Asians, Jews — every new group struggled. I'm not responsibl­e for what happened then. I am responsibl­e for now.

What can we do, now? We can create good opportunit­ies. We can restore the American Dream, “If you're willing to work hard, you can get ahead.” We can provide affordable childcare and pre-school so parents can work, low-cost loans so people can start businesses, buy homes, and build family wealth, and affordable education and training so people can qualify for good-paying jobs.

Now is our moment of truth. We can invest in our people, or we can watch, as our country becomes poorer.

Marvin Keshner


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