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To the Editor:

Have you noticed how liberals often refer back to Donald Trump while arguing their points?

Odd, to say the least, since he's been out of office for almost a year and is rarely in the news. President Biden is hardly ever mentioned, also odd.

These critics are usually trying to tie conservati­ve voters like me to Trump. I am not a “Trump voter”; I am a conservati­ve voter. Yes, I voted for Trump, I found his policy positions much more to my liking than Mrs. Clinton. Having said that, I don't especially like Trump and I hope he doesn't run again.

Conservati­ve values in Tuolumne County run strong and deep. You can try and label us with “Trump” or “Fox News” or radical this or radical that, whatever you think might stick, just like back in the schoolyard. The fact is most of us are just motivated by conservati­ve values. We don't vote for candidates based on their likeabilit­y, we vote on the issues.

I have no dislike or disrespect for my liberal friends, neighbors and relatives. I respect their opinions and hope they respect mine.

Robert Canavan


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