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Jabbing children


To the Editor:

First, and foremost, Gov. Gruesome has no authority to mandate vaxing anyone. Court after court has ruled that it is unconstitu­tional.

The easy fix is for all school superinten­dents to ignore an illegal “mandate.” All it takes is a little unity and spine on their part.

If they are threatened with the withholdin­g of funds, or being fired, there is a legal term for that: extortion (18 USCA Sec. 871).

A staffer from the Department of Public Health weighed in with concern for the continuing high case rate, but failed to give us the case/death rate for minors. For 2020-2021 ( CDC numbers) there were 757 COVid-involved deaths of Americans ages 0-18 as of Saturday. That is 0.096% of the total cases (all ages). Bear in mind, that number is not a percent of the total population, it is only the percent of the infection cases.

The staffer further compares the COVID vax to measles, mumps and rubella vaccines; how disingenuo­us! Those are childhood diseases, the complete opposite of COVID, which is anything but a childhood disease. Once they start shoveling the manure they lose all credibilit­y with me.

To put salt in the wound, the staffer uses St. Fauci as some sort of authority. He has zero credibilit­y and has been flipfloppi­ng since March 2020. He has even lied to Congress about his involvemen­t in “gain of function” developmen­t of the virus.

Now consider that the cases and death rate is higher in 2021 than in pre-vaccine 2020. With a more than 60% vax rate in the USA, at best it appears that the vax isn't the solution. At worst, it would seem that the vaxed are getting/spreading COVID.

With all the above in mind, there's no case for “mandating” the vaxing of minors. Parents: Protect your children… Just say no.

John Harless


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