The Union Democrat

The Grinch who stole the party


To the Editor:

Only a little over four years ago, the party was preparing for a big event. It nominated a candidate who might rattle the cage it found itself in.

The Grinch, at that time, was nothing more than a comic figure, ignored by most partygoers. To escape his anger, the party put the Grinch on its flag.

Then a “wow-effect” happened (as in most children stories): The Grinch won the big prize and was invited to live in the big White House. Shortly afterwards, it dawned on the partygoers what had happened.

The Grinch had stolen their souls!

Gone were their traditiona­l beliefs and conviction­s. Little was left intact. Ideals the people had clung to for centuries, goodwill and cooperatio­n to benefit the country and all of us. Gone.

No more partners in making laws. All who would not praise the Grinch loudly enough exposed themselves to his boundless anger.

An ice age befell the country. Partygoers, repent! It's not too late. It is high time to change course and send the Grinch to the graveyard of bad memories. Klaus Kraemer


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