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To the Editor:

Several weeks ago, I watched a Social Equity Committee Zoom meeting. It was a sickening display of arrogance and self-indulgent groupthink.

Several committee members, notably, Colette Such, Mercedes Tune, and Nikki Coleman, did their best to squelch the comments made by fellow committee member Darren Duez.

Darren's sincere concern about public reaction to using the term “white supremacy culture,” was met with claims that Darren was “taking too much time.” Several members tried to silence Darren — to cancel him. They bullied him.

Nikki Coleman patronizin­gly lectured Mr. Duez in a condescend­ing, passive-aggressive way. She insinuated that he was “holding all the cards” because he is white. Ms. Coleman then declared, “I don't think this is productive anymore.” Mercedes Tune often interrupte­d Darren as he was speaking.

Another committee member claimed Tuolumne County is known for “white supremacy,” to which nobody objected. Shameful. Even more shameful is that some people believe such racist tripe. A few committee members argued with Darren for over half the meeting trying to rationaliz­e why the proposed resolution must employ the term “white supremacy culture.” But “white supremacy culture” is just one of many pejorative­s and poorly defined phrases and words being used. “Social justice, white privilege, white fragility, equity, critical race theory, systemic racism, lived experience,” those who support the resolution have invented their own linguistic babble.

The SEC has morphed into a yearlong series of self-indulgent, virtue-signaling sessions, with no boundaries, and no end in sight.

Accusing present day Americans of being racists and supremacis­ts based on their skin color, education, or ethnicity is morally wrong and is itself, racist. It can only result in deep resentment and further division. We all need to come together as Americans.

David Wynne


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