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My RADCARD experience


To the Editor:

Soon after receiving an email from Supervisor David Goldemberg that the RADCARD program had been extended, I bought into it with a $100 payment on the assumption that the county was providing matching funds of $100 for a total balance of $200. When I first used the card several days later, I noticed a starting balance of only $100. After calling the County Administra­tive Office, I was transferre­d to Cole Przybyla, who was reportedly in charge and readily available.

Over the next week or so, I left three messages for Cole that were never returned. After calling the County Administra­tive Office again, I was told that matching funds ran out a few days after the first announceme­nt and a few hours after the second announceme­nt. I was not able to determine if Goldemberg sent his email before or after funding had stopped. Either way, the program ended up for me and possibly many others as an illconceiv­ed fiasco.

When I ordered my RADCard, there was no warning that the matching funds were no longer available. What if I were a person of limited means and taken my family to dinner for a special occasion, only to find when I went to pay that my RADCARD was worth only half what I had expected and I could not cover the meal expense? Okay, embarrassi­ng and disappoint­ing.

The failure of Cole Przybyla to return my phone call is inexcusabl­e, and the dismissive attitude of the County Administra­tive Office not much better. Ed Fernandez


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