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God help us


To the Editor:

The political left, with the help of most of the media, including CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC, continue to dominate the news with stories of “the unvaccinat­ed.” They must create a diversion from the lack of leadership in Washington.

They don't want to talk about how divisive Biden's agenda has been. They don't want to talk about open borders, inflation, the disaster in Afghanista­n, the scrapping of energy independen­ce, CRT, the supply chain fiasco, the lack of science in managing COVID-19, the dramatic increase in crime in Democrat-run cities, and our weakness abroad. Many have blamed the previous administra­tion for disasters of 2021. They don't want Donald Trump back, and they don't want to admit they elected an incompeten­t man to be commanderi­n-chief and even worse, by default, elected a child as vice president.

They voted for a guy who spent a year campaignin­g from his basement because the DNC could not expose him to scrutiny, and a vice president only because she was a woman of color.

I am all for diversity, but shouldn't competence count for something?

We'll be lucky if Biden finishes his first term. And even though he is a wrecking ball, I pray he does; because if not, Kamala will be the commander-in-chief. God help us.

Jim Costello


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