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Marriages recorded Nov. 2-11 (wedding date given):

Oct. 22 — Steven John Hart and Cynthia Ann Inwood

Oct. 25 — Christophe­r Brian Gerard Peroddy and Ashley Michelle Klein

Oct. 26 — Dylan James Marshall and Robert Andrew Marusic

Nov. 2 — Justin Daniel Raposo and Babette Spears

Nov. 4 — Jesus Medina Moreno and Delfina Dominguez Gonzalez

Nov. 4 — Dustin Mathew Mcdonald and Coez Richelle Falco

Nov. 5 — David Scott Donabedian and Jennifer Lynne Flores

Nov. 5 — Andres Wesley Cabrales Aisling Grace Mooney

Nov. 6 — Jeffrey Michael Stover and Edith Elaine Burness

Nov. 7 — Jose Gilberto Carrion and Raquel Martinez

Nov. 8 — Cody Daniel Bartlett and Arabella Starr Gebrosky

Nov. 10 — Eric Harold Davidson and Hazel Ann Oabel Cipriano

Births recorded Nov. 2-11 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

Nov. 2 — A boy, Jacob Lee Friesen IV, to Jacob Lee Friesen III and Alaya Deanne Caliz-rucker

Nov. 2 — A girl, Stephanie Jolene Phillips, to Lucas Angstrom Phillips and Jessica Suzanne Williams

Nov. 3 — A boy, Oliver Gerardo Reyes, to Gerardo Reyes-tinoco and Tabitha Verhn Phillips

Nov. 5 — A girl, Emma Rose Dinner, to Lindy Marie Dinner

Nov. 8 — A girl, Savannah Ann Kristofic, to Daniel Arthur Kristofic and Katie Ann Stuart

Nov. 9 — A girl, Stevie Anne Lynn Sommerfiel­d, to Tyler David Sommervill­e and Jonnie Nicole Watkins

Deaths recorded Nov. 2-11

2— Harvey Lee “Skip” Anderson 2— Donald Charles Kellogg

2— David Alva Barchus

2— Samantha Betsy Jean Markert 5— Norma Gayle Hillman

6— James Michael Doyle

7— Michael Allen Snyder

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