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Midterm election


To the Editor:

Wow, we came together just in time to save our magnificen­t nation from the grip of chaos and anarchy.

The doomsayers had us down by 60 House seats earlier, but we only lost a small fraction of that number. We picked up seats in the Senate (hopefully one more in GA) We had a net gain among governors, too — one of those a democracy saving win in AZ.

And, thank you, California voters — you once again let us control both state branches: legislativ­e and executive. You also voted for women’s rights and support for the arts.

As we see, the cult-like party of insurrecti­on and domestic terrorism was weakened. More Americans now see through their lies and disinforma­tion. However, their leader is not done. “Fact check: 20 false and misleading claims Trump made in his announceme­nt speech.” (CNN and others.)

Tell me this, what do parents tell their children about a “political party” that is led by a perverted prevaricat­or? How do you teach them moral responsibi­lity and ethics when so many support this sick and twisted, lawless, egomaniac?

You tell them the truth — that is how parents and teachers must handle it. Set a good example for them by giving them facts and not propaganda. Teach them to respect others no matter the color of their skin, their religion, who they love and/or marry, etc. Teach them to challenge authoritar­ians and to peacefully, protest against anyone and anything that would deny them their civil and human rights.

Bottom line: It is time for the younger generation(s) to take over. After this midterm election, I am cautiously confident that we will see more Nancy Pelosis, Barack Obamas, Joe Bidens, John Mccains, Abe Lincolns and Liz Cheneys.

Domenic Torchia


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