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A history of claiming voter fraud


Regarding the Dec. 4 editorial “An honest vote? Maybe not.”:

The Republican Party is the party of the rich (and their dupes); that is why it’s by definition a minority party. The majority always identifies as Democratic. So the Republican­s foist charges of voter fraud to explain why they lose elections. When Richard M. Nixon lost to John F. Kennedy, the Republican­s made bogus charges of election fraud in several states, charges that were all investigat­ed thoroughly and proved false. Republican­s started to spread the rumor that the only reason Kennedy won was because Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley had rigged the vote. (All the charges of fraud in Chicago had been investigat­ed and proved false. Even if that had been true, it would not have given Kennedy the election. But the Republican­s continued to spread the falsehood for decades, passing it off as common knowledge to gullible dimwits who pretend to have a familiarit­y with corruption.)

Remember the scene in “Citizen Kane” in which the newspaper Charles Foster Kane owns has two front pages ready on election night. They can’t run the headline “KANE WINS” — he lost because of a scandal. “I guess we’ll have to run the other one,” a pressman says, holding up “FRAUD AT POLLS.”

Bill O’Toole, Arlington

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