The Washington Post Sunday

Man hurt in one of 2 D.C. fires


A man was seriously injured in an apartment fire in the Mount Pleasant area Saturday. Later in the day, a separate fire broke out in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill.

The Mount Pleasant fire, in the 1600 block of Park Road NW, was caused by flammable materials stored too close to a heat source, according to the D.C. fire department. The fire in the Russell building apparently broke out around three motors in an attic, said fire department spokesman Vito Maggiolo. He said sprinklers extinguish­ed it.

Air-handling equipment apparently wafted a haze of smoke through parts of the building at 2 Constituti­on Avenue NE, he said. It was the haze and the smell of smoke that sent firefighte­rs to the building about 6 p.m. Saturday, Maggiolo said.

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