The Washington Post Sunday

Rainy day prompts rescue, resentment

Several residents were helped from cars amid record-setting weather


Faced Saturday with record-setting rain, Washington-area residents moaned about it, got stranded in it and made the best of it. Perhaps not all at once.

Rescuers extricated the occupants of cars stalled in high water in low-lying places, including Brighton Dam Road in the Brookevill­e area of Montgomery County, Md., and the Clifton area of Fairfax County, Va.

In the wet gloom, residents showed resourcefu­lness and resentment.

“I’m not gonna even lie,” someone tweeted. “This rain aint it. Its making me wanna stay in tonight.”

Another Twitter user said: “This rain killing the mood all day.” Others said they would cook, bake, read or play games.

Rachel Larue said she and her boyfriend try to exercise every weekend, and decided Saturday “to go ahead and do it, regardless.” They walked just under four miles, and “were both thoroughly soaked” but enjoyed it

Even animals seemed waterweary. Mindy Moretti, of the District, said her dog had never been stopped by the rain but “now seems to hate going out in it.”

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