The Washington Post

Gay-Outreach Liaison Appointed

- — Elissa Silverman

D.C. fire Chief Dennis L. Rubin announced yesterday the appointmen­t of Sgt. Jane “J.B.” Wallace as his department’s first liaison to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgende­red communitie­s.

Wallace is a 19-year member of the department.

The department has had strained relations with the city’s transgende­red community since the case of Tyra Hunter in 1995.

Hunter was seriously injured after being hit by a car, but firefighte­rs who responded to the scene momentaril­y halted treatment and ridiculed Hunter after discoverin­g she had male genitalia.

Hunter’s family settled a wrongful death suit against the city for $1.75 million, and the department hired a consultant to teach diversity training. A D.C. Superior Court judge found evidence this year that the trainer, Kenda Kirby, encountere­d hostility and discrimina­tion on the job.

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