The Washington Post

Every Dog Has His Day

- — Vickie Elmer

Some people take their dogs to work almost every day, not just tomorrow, which is “Take Your Dogs to Work Day.”

Jennifer Fearing, chief economist for the Humane Society of the United States, regularly brings in Yoda, her 45-pound, mixed-breed dog, who lies under her desk or goes to a colleague’s cubicle if Fearing is in a meeting.

“Going to work is part of his routine — and that is a phrase that generates almost as much enthusiasm as ‘going to the dog park’ or ‘going for a walk,’ ” she said. About 30 workers at the Humane Society’s three D.C. offices regularly bring in their dogs. Policy designates common areas as dog-free zones.

Yoda is “an easy conversati­on starter.” She also boosts Fearing’s productivi­ty and the time she spends at work. “I work longer hours thanks to not having to run out the door prematurel­y to get home to Yoda,” Fearing said.

Fearing, who is co-authoring a book about dog-friendly workplaces, says dogs can improve morale and increase productivi­ty as well as reduce stress. “Whether they’re sleeping soundly or coming over for a scratch, a dog provides you with perspectiv­e,” she said.

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