The Washington Post

‘Scare Tactics’ From Fenty’s Team?

- By Yolanda Woodlee and David Nakamura See Page 2

Mayors in the District have never taken criticism particular­ly well. (D) used pained body language to signal his displeasur­e when asked tough questions from reporters or residents. (D) famously charged that a certain unfavorabl­e element had “set me up” after being caught on an undercover camera doing illegal things years ago.

Some think the Fenty administra­tion is taking its umbrage to a new level. On June 13, uber-activist

was handcuffed and led off to jail after engaging in a row with an aide to deputy mayor for education, at the John A. Wilson Building. Another community activist alleges that he was similarly targeted by the Fenty team the same day. a substitute demonstrat­ed teacher who has against Mayor takeover of public schools, says he thinks the administra­tion was angered by loud comments he had made June 12 at the mayor’s news conference to announce the appointmen­t of as school chancellor. Brannum attended the announceme­nt, on the steps of the

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