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Floyd Mayweather’s Inaugurati­on Day party had a hook: Help the inner city


There was something for everyone on inaugurati­on night, from the A-list protester to the gay Trump supporter and even, we just learned, the hip-hop boxing fan looking to make an impact in the “inner city.” Hey, isn’t that Floyd Mayweather?

But Money Mayweather’s bash Friday night at the Washington Hilton somehow managed to fly under the party radar — even as the retired boxing champ’s famous pals flowed past the red carpet. Rappers French

Montana, Fabolous and Fat Joe all took the stage (but none of them tweeted about it) to perform for a crowd of an estimated 1,000 black-tie guests. And, yep, that’s definitely Ben

Carson, President Trump’s nominee for secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Developmen­t, posing for the ’gram. So just what exactly is going on here? After receiving an invite to last week’s swearing-in ceremony from the Trump family, Mayweather decided to multitask by hosting the bash to help launch the Moblze Foundation, a nonprofit organizati­on founded by “cowboy venture capitalist” and Trump supporter Darren Blanton aimed at revitalizi­ng the “inner city.” Everyone involved emphasized that this wasn’t an inaugurati­on party; it was just a party that happened to be held on the same day.

Mayweather told us that when he and Blanton (the two were introduced by a mutual friend) realized they would both be in town, the idea of the kickoff event, well, kicked off.

The 39-yearold described the night as “entertaini­ng with a meaning.” The goal was to generate buzz around Moblze, which was partially inspired by Trump’s New Deal for Black America. But Mayweather made it clear that the foundation was “a nonpartisa­n effort.”

Asked whether it was fair that Alisters are being maligned for supporting Trump, Mayweather responded by email:

“I think people should be able to vote and support who they want to without being criticized. I know there’s some questions as to what this president will do for our communitie­s, but I have known him a long time and believe he deserves the chance to do the job the people have elected him to do. I hope he does a great job for everyone.”

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