The Washington Post

Frightenin­g political moves


An important issue is being discussed by Congress: Was an FBI source used to spy on a political campaign? Does the FBI misuse its power? And Congress acts like a spoiled child. Republican­s fail to include Democrats in a review of classified material [“White House: No Democrats invited to classified briefing on FBI source,” news, May 23].

Once elected, these members of Congress represent all of their constituen­ts — Republican­s, Democrats, independen­ts and even nonvoters. It is past time, urgent in my opinion, for members of Congress to discard their party label after being sworn in to office. They were elected to do what their oath says they will do: support and defend the basic law that governs all of us, our Constituti­on.

Members of Congress should do their jobs or take their political ball and go back home. John N. Ruth, Annapolis

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