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So much for individual rights


In the May 22 front-page article “High court sides with firms on arbitratio­n,” we learned that an arbitratio­n agreement can properly be imposed as a condition of employment on workers who might otherwise be unemployed. If a worker wants a job, he or she must arbitrate any disputes individual­ly, though there may be 100 similar employer transgress­ions. The decision brings to mind the words of the esteemed Judge Richard Posner, now retired from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. He succinctly ruled: “The realistic alternativ­e to a class action is not 17 million individual suits, but zero individual suits, as only a lunatic or a fanatic sues for $30.”

Welcome to the administra­tion and the court that seeks to preserve individual rights. Ed Houry, Fairfax

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