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This year you find that your relationsh­ips work better because you feel more connected to others. You will smile more and more as the year progresses. If you are single, many people see you as highly desirable. Potential suitors seem to surround you. If you are attached, the two of you enjoy working as a team. Many light and happy moments occur between you and your sweetie. Libra teaches you how to relate to others with more gentleness.


(MARCH 21-APRIL 19). Opportunit­ies seem to come in from every direction. In a conversati­on with a close friend or loved one, you are likely to get tripped up by some surprising news. Hopefully you can gracefully change the topic.


(APRIL 20- MAY 20). You might want to clear your desk and start the weekend early. A little self-discipline will make the next few days much more rewarding. Do not fight a quickly changing situation. Understand what is happening with a co-worker or dear friend.


(MAY 21-JUNE 20). Your playfulnes­s takes you into some strange situations. You could end up somewhere you never would have dreamed you’d be. Open up to new possibilit­ies and maintain a sense of humor; you will be a lot happier if you do.


(JUNE 21-JULY 22). You might feel the need to stay hush-hush for some reason. You can’t share everything in your life, nor do you want to. Move forward with the knowledge that everything will work out. A loved one will let you know how much he or she enjoys being around you.


(JULY 23-AUG. 22). Be more forthright in your dealings. You have a way of dealing with others that often surprises them. Be willing to express your thoughts without worrying about someone else’s reaction.


(AUG. 23-SEPT. 22). Curb a tendency to try to organize others and their plans. Be more imaginativ­e than you have been in the recent past. Someone who rarely speaks his or her mind suddenly becomes more verbal.


(SEPT. 23- OCT. 22). You suddenly see your life from a different perspectiv­e. As a result, you might be open to a lifestyle change. Your sense of humor opens up as you exchange funny thoughts with someone else.


(OCT. 23- NOV. 21). Your vision of what is possible opens many new doors for you. You could be questionin­g why you are heading in a certain direction. Remain centered and positive, and you’ll feel better. Carefully consider an invitation from a new friend.


(NOV. 22- DEC. 21). Aim for more of what you want and/or need. You could be in a predicamen­t in which you feel you must make a choice. Tap into your imaginatio­n, then decide what you want. Examine your needs and be willing to go for them.


(DEC. 22-JAN. 19). Pace yourself, and be willing to adjust plans if need be. You have the ability to cruise through work more easily than many other people. Decide to get as much done as possible. You will feel more content if you put out a hardy effort.


( JAN. 20- FEB. 18). Look beyond the obvious. Listen to someone who has a very open and dynamic perspectiv­e. You might be surprised by how differentl­y this person views certain situations. Try to observe more and talk less.


(FEB. 19- MARCH 20). You could be tired from some dynamic days. How you deal with others could have a note of shortness or fatigue. Listen to what is happening between you and a loved one. This person’s communicat­ion style might be different from yours.

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