An in­ci­sive com­men­tary

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Some­times the most in­ci­sive com­men­taries come from un­sus­pected sources. The win­ners (“losers”) in The Post’s Style In­vi­ta­tional “Bad­der up: Week 1295 win­ners” paired some­thing un­for­tu­nate with some­thing that is re­ally un­for­tu­nate [Arts & Style, Sept. 30]. Dun­can Stevens of Vi­enna sub­mit­ted, as a sign that the coun­try is in trou­ble: “An un­sta­ble, race-bait­ing mo­ron is the pres­i­dent.” As a sign that the coun­try is re­ally in trou­ble: “Half the coun­try says, ‘So?’ ”

Stevens’s en­try was only an hon­or­able men­tion. It was topped by oth­ers that were funny with­out the wrench­ing af­ter­shock. What if there were a coun­try that re­ally found it­self in this sit­u­a­tion? What could it do? Per­haps it would find a leader who could as­sure the coun­try that “I alone can fix it.”

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