Lone guy at Fox News still wor­ried about car­a­van, em­bar­rass­ing col­leagues

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Dprob­a­bly ays af­ter the midterm elec­tions, one “Fox & Friends” pro­ducer was still “ter­ri­fied” the net­work had scarcely spared a thought for the mi­grant car­a­van that only a few days ago, ac­cord­ing to the net­work, was about to sweep into the na­tion and ruin it, thus de­mand­ing the im­me­di­ate pres­ence of U.S. troops at the bor­der.

His whole Fox News fam­ily was mor­ti­fied to dis­cover Gary still be­lieved in the hor­ri­fy­ing vi­sion of the car­a­van, even af­ter Elec­tion Day.

In the green room, col­leagues rolled their eyes as he kept ask­ing, “Where is it? Why can’t we still see it?” and “What hap­pened to Op­er­a­tion Faith­ful Pa­triot?”

“I can’t be­lieve he doesn’t know,” one fe­male col­league mused. “It’s kind of, what’s the word? Sad.” “I think he ac­tu­ally thinks this was all real,” a male col­league ven­tured, peer­ing through an open door at the pro­ducer, who was fran­ti­cally scrolling on his phone to see whether he could find any footage or cov­er­age of the car­a­van. “He’s re­ally wor­ried about it. He took me aside at lunch and re­told the plot of an en­tire ‘Doc­tor Who’ episode where if you looked away from some­thing scary it would sud­denly be much closer, and he couldn’t be­lieve we were tak­ing our eyes off this very real threat.”

The man paused to smother laugh­ter. “I’m sorry. He ac­tu­ally — he keeps telling me he can’t be­lieve the pres­i­dent stopped tweet­ing about it. He can’t be­lieve.”

The “Fox & Friends” pro­ducer, ac­cus­tomed to check­ing the screen ev­ery minute to watch the fa­mil­iar omi­nous footage as hosts asked creepy, lead­ing rhetor­i­cal ques­tions about it, was shocked to see it was no longer there. “What about the dis­eases and ter­ror­ism?” he kept ask­ing as his col­leagues tried to avoid mak­ing eye con­tact with one an­other so they would not burst into laugh­ter. “My whole fam­ily is in a bunker! We went to the polls ex­plic­itly be­cause of this is­sue and the pres­i­dent’s ef­fec­tive mes­sag­ing on it.”

One co­worker showed sev­eral emails Gary had sent with all-caps sub­ject lines to point out that if it was cru­cial for Fox News view­ers to have breath­less, hourly cov­er­age of the car­a­van while it was a thou­sand miles away, surely it is more ur­gent for them to know ex­actly what Judge Jea­nine finds fright­en­ing about the trav­el­ers now that they are closer and she is able to see them bet­ter. At time of writ­ing, Gary had sent six such emails, in­clud­ing one in which he timidly sug­gested it might be pos­si­ble to find more footage than just that one clip of some­one say­ing “mur­der” over and over again.

“Some of us got to­gether and tried to cheer him up by edit­ing 10 min­utes’ worth of footage to make it look like Jim Acosta was rapidly mov­ing closer from hun­dreds of miles away with vengeance in his eyes, but it didn’t cheer him up at all,” his fe­male col­league said.

“I do worry about him,” she added. “He seems gen­uinely afraid of the images that we had found and were play­ing on loop. Does he ac­tu­ally think that Santa Claus is white — or that Sean Han­nity is a jour­nal­ist?”

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