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I think the Nov. 28 front-page ar­ti­cle “Pres­i­dent on cli­mate ev­i­dence: ‘I don’t see it’ ” made a fun­da­men­tal er­ror when it said, “The com­ments were the pres­i­dent’s most ex­ten­sive yet on why he dis­agrees with his own gov­ern­ment’s anal­y­sis, which found that cli­mate change poses a se­vere threat.” Per­haps the pres­i­dent dis­agrees with his own ad­min­is­tra­tion’s anal­y­sis, but surely our gov­ern­ment is not “his own” — de­spite how he of­ten be­haves — and the na­tion would be well served if The Post were to not re­in­force his mis­un­der­stand­ing. Jon McBride, Chevy Chase

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