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Why The Wash­ing­ton Post pub­lished chil­dren’s names and pho­tos in this story

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A re­porter and pho­tog­ra­pher with The Wash­ing­ton Post spent 11 days in Ivory Coast re­port­ing this story. Re­porter Pe­ter Whoriskey and pho­tog­ra­pher Salwan Georges trav­eled with an in­ter­preter to three vil­lages in West Africa, in­ter­view­ing 12 boys who gave their ages rang­ing from 13 to 18. Georges, through a trans­la­tor, asked each boy if he agreed to be pho­tographed and whether he con­sented to pho­to­graphs that would iden­tify him. Most con­sented to pho­to­graphs while sev­eral did not, so their pho­tos were not pub­lished. All agreed to use of their full names. Some of the boys re­marked that they wanted their par­ents, who live in an­other coun­try, to see their pho­tos.

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