The Washington Post : 2019-06-10

THE WORLD : 11 : A11


MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2019 . THE WASHINGTON POST A11 EZ RE PARTNER ARTWORK 12” X 16” In December, Nicaraguan authoritie­s dragged journalist­s Lucía Pineda and Miguel Mora out of their newsroom and put them in prison. Since then they’ve had: • No communicat­ion from the government • No access to lawyers • No trial The Nicaraguan government pledged to release all political prisoners by June 21. President Ortega, make good on your promise: Free Lucía and Miguel. P0533 6x21 The Press Freedom Partnershi­p is a public service initiative from The Washington Post to promote press freedom and raise awareness of the rights of journalist­s worldwide who are in pursuit of the truth. #PressFreed­omPartners­hip­om P0533 6x21