The Washington Post : 2019-06-10



THE WASHINGTON POST . MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2019 A4 EZ SU “But the pattern raises a threshold question of who the organizati­on is serving. Is it being run for the benefit of the gun owners in the country and the public? Or is it being run as a business generating enterprise for officers and employees of the organizati­on?” Douglas Varley, a Washington attorney at Caplin & Drysdale who specialize­s in tax-exempt organizati­ons Pete Brownell* Firearms executive $3.1M for products, $11K in membership commission­s to companies Dave Butz* Former NFL player $400K for consulting Richard Childress NASCAR team owner $123K for purchase of truck from company Charles Cotton Lawyer Commission­s from recruiter program R. Lee Ermey** Actor Commission­s from recruiter program $98K to law firm for speaking and outreach Host of NRA video programmin­g $610K for consulting and lobbying Ammunition from company $80K for speeches, $32K for consulting $11K to business for membership commission­s $24K to business for performanc­es Host of NRATV series $50K for appearance­s, $4K in membership commission­s to business $255K for consulting $85K for media consulting to business $29K for writing, $7K in compensati­on Linda Walker Firearms instructor Commission­s from recruiter program Payment amount undisclose­d unless specifical­ly noted. *No longer on the board **Deceased Sandra Froman Lawyer Julie Golob Profession­al shooter Marion Hammer Lobbyist Steve Hornady Ammunition executive David Keene GOP adviser Owen Mills Training facility owner Craig Morgan Country singer Oliver North* Political commentato­r Ted Nugent Rock performer Lance Olson Former police officer Mercedes Schlapp* Media strategist Bart Skelton Writer Source: Tax filings, state charitable records and NRA THE WASHINGTON POST