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Infowars settles in Pepe the Frog lawsuit


Conspiracy-promoting website Infowars will pay $15,000 to resolve a copyright infringeme­nt lawsuit over its sales of a poster featuring Pepe the Frog, a cartoon character that has been hijacked by farright extremists and racist Internet trolls.

Infowars host Alex Jones on Monday signed his companies’ settlement agreement with Pepe’s creator, California-based artist Matt Furie.

An article posted on Infowars’ website calls the settlement a “strategic victory” for Jones.

One of Furie’s attorneys said the settlement amount is more than the $14,000 that Infowars made from poster sales.

Furie says he didn’t authorize Infowars to sell a “MAGA” poster depicting Pepe alongside images of Jones, President Trump, farright agitator Milo Yiannopoul­os and others.

A jury trial for Furie’s lawsuit was scheduled to begin July 16 in Los Angeles.

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