The Washington Post

Curbing the car


The June 6 editorial “In Maryland, a blow for transporta­tion common sense” supported building toll lanes for Interstate 495 and Interstate 270 in Maryland. Yes, these roads are traffic-clogged, and, yes, additional lanes would temporaril­y relieve the congestion, but we are facing an environmen­tal, climate-change-driven catastroph­e, and the solution is not to endorse and encourage current commuter driving behaviors, but to call a halt to them.

We cannot continue to facilitate single-occupant automobile­s as the transporta­tion choice of our region’s workers. Building more lanes simply leads to more traffic and more single-occupant vehicles. The only feasible solution is to invest in mass transit and to discourage commuting by automobile. We need to make it more painful, more expensive and more time-consuming to drive to work. Rome is already burning, and our planet’s survival is at stake.

David M. Cohen, Chevy Chase

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