The Washington Post : 2019-06-11



THE WASHINGTON POST . TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2019 A22 EZ RE ADVERTISEM­ENT ADVERTISEM­ENT TRUMP’S REBATE PLAN Real Rx Savings for Seniors Every day America’s seniors pay higher costs for their prescripti­on drugs because of a system of kickbacks to insurance middlemen. For decades, these middlemen have been hiding discounts on drug prices and overchargi­ng seniors for their prescripti­ons. President Trump’s plan will ensure that rebates on prescripti­on drugs actually get to consumers, bringing down costs and ending the system which encourages price increases. Beginning January 1st, President Trump’s bold new plan offers up to That’s real savings for America’s seniors! 30% savings on prescripti­on drugs. TrumpRebat­ Call President Trump (202) 456-1111 Thank Him for Fighting for Rx Drug Discounts for Seniors Source: HHS Press Release 1/31/19 Paid for by Conservati­