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Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia deadlocked over dam


Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia failed to achieve a breakthrou­gh in the African Union-led talks to revolve their years-long dispute over the dam that Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile, the three countries said Sunday.

Foreign and irrigation ministers of the three nations met online for the second time in a week in efforts to agree on an approach to resume their talks on the Grand Ethiopia Renaissanc­e Dam.

Sunday’s meeting, held over videoconfe­rence, failed to yield common ground to more forward “because of difference­s over how to resume the talks and procedural aspects related to the negotiatin­g process,” the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said.

Key questions remain in the talks, including how much water Ethiopia will release downstream if a multiyear drought occurs and how the three countries would settle any future disputes. Egypt and Sudan call for a legally binding agreement on the dam’s filling and operation, while Ethiopia insists on guidelines.

Ethiopia is building the dam on the Blue Nile, which joins the White Nile in Sudan to become the Nile River, and about 85 percent of the river’s flow originates from Ethiopia. Officials estimate that the dam will reach full powergener­ating capacity in 2023, helping pull millions out of poverty.

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