The Washington Post : 2021-01-11



THE WASHINGTON POST . MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2021 B2 EZ RE education Balance. Harmony. Beauty. Are our ultimate pursuits. Whether you’re considerin­g an addition, kitchen, or master bath. Because during these times, home is more important than ever. The Casestudy® Since our first renovation 60 years ago we’ve been a team of visionarie­s, but we recognize that some things should be consistent every time. Our unique approach to the remodeling process is tried and true. It’s so effective that we had to give it a name: The Casestudy®. We guide you through every step, using 3D renderings to bring new possibilit­ies to light. At every phase of our work, we’ll maintain strict attention to time and budget. Don’t forget our 5-year warranty. Because you are our highest priority. I 844.831.5966 Visit our website to set a virtual appointmen­t or to learn more. Our commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and respectful worksite and experience. MD MHIC #1176 | VA # 2701039723 | DC # 2242