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Gameday Pregame CFP National Championsh­ip: CFP National Championsh­ip Kids Baking Tucker Carlson Tonight Studio ESPN Pregame Football Football ESPN2 Chopped Chopped Food Network The Story With Martha Hannity The Ingraham Angle Fox News at Night Fox News (6:00) Movie: The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Movie: The Fate of the Furious (2017) (6:00) Love on the Sidelines Movie: Love in Paradise (2016) Flower Shop Mysteries Flower Shop Mysteries (5:45) Tiger (7:20) Movie: The Curse of La Llorona Movie: The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) The 700 Club HHH Freeform Movie: The Fate of the Furious (2017) HH HH FX Golden Girls Golden Girls Flower Shop Mysteries (10:10) Movie: Walk of Shame (2014) 30 Coins Flip or Flop Flip or Flop (11:05) Pawn Stars (11:03) Rizzoli & Isles Golden Girls Golden Girls Hallmark Hallmark M&M 30 Coins HH H HBO 100 Day Dream Home 100 Day Dream Home Ty Breaker Celebrity IOU HGTV Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars (10:03) Pawn Stars (10:03) Rizzoli & Isles History Rizzoli & Isles Rizzoli & Isles (9:03) Rizzoli & Isles Lifetime ESPNWS J. Dooley Hustle Carolina Nationals Classics (Live) (6:30) Movie: Fast & Furious (2009) Ridiculous. Ridiculous. (6:30) Tiny House Nation Tiny House Nation Tiny House Nation (6:55) Phoenix Suns at Washington Wizards (Live) Unfiltered Spongebob Spongebob Spongebob Sheldon Movie: My Cousin Vinny (1992) (6:00) Movie: Speed (1994) Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy (6:15) Dark of the Sun (1968) Movie: The Four Feathers 1000-Lb. Sisters Dr. Pimple Popper (5:30) Movie: Captain Marvel Movie: A Star Is Born True Terror w/r. Englund True Terror w/r. Englund Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Raymond Everybody Loves Raymond Raymond Fam. Matters Fam. Matters Fatal Attraction Fatal Attraction Chicago P.D. (Live) Love & Hip Hop Movie: Save the Last Dance MASN The Reidout All In With Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word The 11th Hour Ridic. MSNBC Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. HH MTV Tiny House Nation Football Friends Life Below Zero Go Off Junkies Friends Friends Nat’l Geographic NBA Basketball: Wizards Postgame Live NBC Sportsnet WA Sheldon Friends Nickelodeo­n (9:45) Movie: The Help (2011) Movie: The Green Mile Conan (1942) (11:01) Movie: A Star Is Born (2018) Paranormal Declassifi­ed Movie: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995) Raymond Raymond King King Fatal Attraction Fatal Attraction Mod Fam Living Single Sportstalk HHH HHH HHH PARMT Movie: Hancock (2008) (1999) HH HHH Syfy Family Guy (1939) Family Guy Go-big Show (10:15) Movie: Jungle Book (10:01) Go-big Show TBS HHHH HHH TCM Dr. Pimple Popper 1000-Lb. Sisters Unpolished TLC (2018) HHH TNT Unexplaine­d Paranormal De. Travel HH TRUTV TV Land TV One WWE Monday Night RAW Love & Hip Hop Straight USA Network (2001) HH VH1 America This Week Sports ABC News WJLA 24/7 News at 10 Newsnation Govt. Matters ABC 7 News Govt. Matters WNC8 Newsnation Newsnation Last-standing Last-standing indicates new or live programs (Live) (Live) High Definition Movie Ratings (from TMS) (Live) Good Newsnation Fair Poor No stars: not rated WGN LEGEND: Bold Excellent HHHH HHH HH H u MOVIE DIRECTORY Monday, January 11, 2021 www.washington­ (!) No Pass/no Discount Ticket MARYLAND Promising Young Woman (R) Fatale (R) News of the World (PG-13) Promising Young Woman (R) Wonder Woman 1984: The IMAX Experience (PG-13) Monster Hunter (PG-13) Monster Hunter (PG-13) News of the World (PG-13) Promising Young Woman (R) Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) Private Watch Party Cinemark Fairfax Corner and XD CC: 8:00 CC: 3:00- CC: 7:20 CC: 4:00-4:15-4:304:45-6:40-7:15-7:30-7:45-8:00 4:30-5:15-8:25 CC: 4:45-8:30 CC: 4:10-6:55 11900 Palace Way 5:45-8:30 CC: 6:50 CC: 6:30 Monster Hunter (PG-13) CC: AMC Columbia 14 Pinocchio (PG-13) Monster Hunter (PG-13) Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) 6:55 XD: Wonder Woman 1984: The IMAX Experience (PG-13) Monster Hunter (PG-13) Tenet (PG-13) Fatale (R) News of the World (PG-13) Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (PG-13) Sing (PG) The War with Grandpa (PG) Monster Hunter (PG-13) Fatale (R) News of the World (PG-13) CC: 7:30 AMC Potomac Mills 18 5:25-8:20 4:45-7:45 10300 Little Patuxent Parkway 4:10-6:45-7:40 4:00 CC: 7:15 CC: 4:00-7:40 CC: 4:05 CC: 4:10-7:55 CC: 4:25-7:15 4:00 Pinocchio (PG-13) Monster Hunter: The IMAX 2D Experience (PG-13) Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) 2700 Potomac Mills Circle CC: 6:20 Tenet (PG-13) Fatale (R) Honest Thief (PG-13) CC: 4:15-8:00 CC: 3:15-5:50-8:25 CC: 3:10- The Croods: A New Age (PG) The Croods: A New Age (PG) Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) Cinema Arts Theatre 4:30 4:20 Alien (1979) (R) The Croods: A New Age (PG) AMC Hoffman Center 22 8:25 VIRGINIA 9650 Main St 4:50-7:20 4:25 5:15-7:55 206 Swamp Fox Rd. CC: CC: 7:40 Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) 5:45 6:00-6:30 Alien (1979) (R) The Croods: A New Age (PG) 8:00 AMC Courthouse Plaza 8 6:15 CC: 5:40-8:20 10:00-1:00-4:00-7:00 Wonder Woman 1984: The IMAX Experience (PG-13) Monster Hunter (PG-13) Fatale (R) News of the World (PG-13) CC: 7:25 University Mall Theatre The War with Grandpa (PG) 2150 Clarendon Blvd. CC: CC: News of the World (PG-13) CC: 5:50-8:10 The Last Vermeer (R) 9:45-12:10- 7:00 4:30-7:00 4:55-8:00 10659 Braddock Road 5:45 The Croods: A New Age (PG) 3:00-5:30-8:10 CC: 3:00-4:10-7:25 2:35 AMC Tysons Corner 16 Promising Young Woman (R) CC: 4:35-7:35 Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) The Croods: A New Age (PG) Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) The War with Grandpa (PG) 4:45 6:00 CC: Promising Young Woman (R) CC: News of the World (PG-13) 9:40- 7850e Tysons Corner Center 4:35-7:45 Krack (Telugu) (NR) Promising Young Woman (R) 4:20-6:50 CC: 7:00 7:10 Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) 4:50-7:40 3:00-5:50-8:30 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:30 The Croods: A New Age (PG) Pinocchio (PG-13) Freaky (R) Monster Hunter (PG-13) Fatale (R) CC: CC: 4:15-7:25 CC: 8:55 Pinocchio (PG-13) Freaky (R) Wonder Woman 1984 (PG-13) 4:00-7:00 CC: 6:15 CC: 7:00 CC: 4:00-7:15 CC: 3:20 CC: Wild Mountain Thyme (PG-13) Monster Hunter (PG-13) Monster Hunter (PG-13) 4:00-6:50 CC: 7:30 3:00-3:45-5:45-6:45-7:30 CC: 5:30-8:20 4:50-7:35 4:55-7:10 5:00-7:50 7:15 More at washington­ entertainm­ent/tv