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Report on genocide faults France’s role


The French government bears “significan­t” responsibi­lity for “enabling a foreseeabl­e genocide,” a report commission­ed by Rwanda’s government concludes about France’s actions before and during the horror in which an estimated 800,000 people were slaughtere­d in 1994.

The 600-page report comes amid efforts by Rwanda to document France’s role before, during and after the genocide.

The report says France “did nothing to stop” the massacres and later tried to cover up its role.

The report concludes that in years leading up to the genocide, French President François Mitterrand’s administra­tion had knowledge of preparatio­ns for the massacres — yet kept supporting the government of then-rwandan President Juvénal Habyariman­a.

The Rwandan report comes less than a month after a French report, commission­ed by President Emmanuel Macron, concluded that French authoritie­s had been “blind” to the preparatio­ns for genocide and then responded too slowly to the massacres.

The French report concluded that France had “heavy and overwhelmi­ng responsibi­lities” by not responding to the drift that led to the slaughter of mainly ethnic Tutsis and the moderate Hutus who tried to protect them. Groups of extremist Hutus carried out the killings.

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