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Socialist ekes out lead in presidenti­al race


Socialist Pedro Castillo held a wafer-thin lead in Peru’s presidenti­al race on Wednesday, and a battle brews over the result.

Castillo, the son of illiterate farmers who has garnered huge support from the rural poor, had 50.2 percent of the vote with 99.8 percent of ballots processed, just four-tenths of a percentage point ahead of right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori.

Fujimori, the heir of a powerful political family, has alleged without proof that Castillo allies tried to steal votes. Internatio­nal electoral observers and experts have said that the vote was carried out cleanly.

The allegation­s could trigger weeks of confusion and tension in an election cycle that has divided Peruvians, with higher-income citizens supporting the rightwing candidate and lowerincom­e ones supporting Castillo.

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