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A patriotic aspiration


In his June 6 op-ed, “The antidote for today’s shrill political dogma,” George F. Will dismissed the “boring” debate over racial equity, suggesting it infantiliz­es minorities and is somehow not grounded in “verifiable truth.” Perhaps Mr. Will can explain to us why the racial wealth gap (the net worth of the average White family is 10 times that of their Black counterpar­ts) is not rooted in the verifiable truths of 246 years of legal enslavemen­t, followed by a century of legalized segregatio­n (punctuated by explosions of White destructio­n of Black wealth — see: Tulsa, 1921), followed by decades of redlining and mass incarcerat­ion.

Advocates of racial equity want this country to realize its foundation­al promise that “all men [and women] are created equal.” It’s a shame that Mr. Will and others find this patriotic aspiration to be tedious.

Peter O’driscoll, Takoma Park

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