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Figure out what went wrong


Regarding the June 5 front-page article “Texas readies interventi­on into classrooms’ curricula”:

In the 1963 book “The Censors and the Schools,” the Rev. Lee Freeman said, “We love our country, but we want to know the truth. There are many things we will be ashamed of, many things we will be proud of. We don’t need a mythologic­al history that will thrill our hearts.”

We learn how to make something better only by finding out what went wrong. The same goes for a car, a mouse trap, a country or anything else.

So, if Republican­s want a better country, let’s talk about what needs to be fixed, then go from there. “With liberty and justice for all” may still be something we aspire to, but without action to get there, it only remains words.

Bob Stoner, Cockeysvil­le, Md.

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